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Rest In Peace Trevor Bolder

Just found out Trevor Bolder passed away after his battle with cancer.... Trevor was a long time member of classic Rock band Uriah Heep & a very cool dude, you will be missed....


Rest In Peace Michael Burks

Two days ago I went to see the Michael Burks Band in a local club here in Belgium. Michael played a great set of blues and we had a great time. Today I found out that Michael passed away yesterday shortly after landing at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.


Rest in Peace Matt Laporte

I just found out that Matt Laporte passed away today. Matt was a member of Jon Oliva's Pain and great guy, today another hero has fallen.

Rest in peace Matt, and say hi to Criss Oliva.



Rest In Peace Gary Moore

Gary Moore, one of the best guitarists i have ever witnessed live has pased away today, the 6th of February 2011 will be forever a black day in the history of Rock music.